Known as the Royale Cabin model, the latest in Foiler flying yacht series combines ENATA’s foiling technology with a luxurious new layout that features a front cabin.

In contrast to the more open Venturi model, the 9.8m Royale Cabin has a cabin up at the bow with a fridge, minibar here and bathroom and luxurious sofa seating at the stern.

The Royale has been designed for an owner who enjoys driving the boat himself. The intuitive console at the helm is addressed by a double bench helm seat.




The Foiler rises and drops gently on and off its foils, as well as banking smoothly in turns, providing a comfortable ride. 132 smart sensors constantly monitor everything from foil and rudder trim to engine performance.

The Foiler’s lightweight full-carbon build and 740hp of twin custom-built V8 diesels give it 28-knot performance in displacement mode, or 40 knots foiling 1.5m above the waves. Take-off occurs around 12 knots and fuel consumption is two litres per nautical mile foiling at 30 knots.