During the northern spring, Finnish boat manufacturer XO Boats launched entirely new models and made several improvements to its existing fleet.

The new DSCVR 9 and improved EXPLR 9 are available in open boat or T-top versions.

The DSCVR 9 is a sporty cruiser designed for active use in all weathers, while the improved EXPLR 9 cabin boat has more width and volume than its predecessors.

DSCVR 9 and EXPLR 9’s deep V-hull structure, military-grade aluminium structure and excellent driving qualities form a solid foundation around which model-specific features can be designed.

“During the last year, the global market for multi-purpose boats suitable for adventurous and active use has exploded,” says Erkki Talvela, CEO at XO Boats. “We want to provide boats that have what it takes to make stories for others to follow.”

XO Boats has revised the boats’ naming practices. From now on, all boats belong to either DSCVR, EXPLR or DFNDR categories, derived from discovery, explorer and defender indicating their intended use.


The model number that previously referred to the boat’s length in feet, has been changed to metres.