The update supports both Active Imaging 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 transducers.

Active Imaging enhancements for StructureScan 3D include a cleaner water column with less noise, refreshed colour palettes and enhanced sonar processing, plus a new depth-highlighting feature.

The HDS Carbon interface has been simplified and new custom split-screen panel configurations can display SideScan, DownScan Imaging and StructureScan 3D on the same screen, at the same time.

Dual Mode WiFi maintains a WiFi connection to HDS Carbon and functions as an access point for screen mirroring/remote control from a smartphone or tablet via the Link app. Before, HDS Carbon displays could only perform one task at a time.

Users can control an HDS Carbon display from anywhere on their boat with the optional Lowrance LR-1 Remote Control.