A range of electric outboards from electric propulsion pioneer ePropulsion is now available in New Zealand. The Spirit 1.0 (equivalent 3hp), the Navy 3.0 (6hp) and the Navy 6.0 (9.9hp) make up the range. The Spirit is ideal for tenders, dinghies and day-sailers up to 1.5 tonnes while the Navy 6.0 powers boats up to 6 tonnes.

Electric outboards are safe for the marine environment, quiet, pollutionand maintenance-free.

ePropulsion electric outboards have a runtime of one hour at full speed, or five hours at half speed from lightweight lithium batteries.

ePropulsion has developed three unique technologies: FOC (Field Orientated Control), which instantaneously transfers operating instructions to the motor for less vibration and a smoother ride; ultrareliable, maintenance-free direct-drive brushless motors with no moving parts; and closed loop liquid cooling for the Navy 6 – a first for electric outboards.

ePropulsion electric outboards are available through EPP NZ’s dealer network.

FIND IT @ www.eppnz.co.nz