LUSTY & BLUNDELL Ltd has added Hella’s new Apelo models to its  range of underwater lights.

Apelo models produce 1,800 or 3,000 lumens of blue/white or RGB light. They incorporate Hella’s new Optical Intelligence (which focuses the asymmetrical light pattern efficiently below the waterline). They also mark the debut of Edge Light technology and are backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Designed, engineered and robotically manufactured in Hella’s New Zealand facility, Apelo lights are completely sealed to IP68 and IP69 levels, electronically protected and can be run out of the water.

The new Apelo range is initially available in two models: the Apelo A1, which is perfect for small- to mid-sized boats up to 12m and the Apelo A2, which is suitable for boats up to 18m. At 95mm in diameter and less than 24mm high, Apelo lights are compact and easy to install.