The Henley Group, consisting of Henley Engineering, Pacific Driveline, PacFlange and Kiwi Shaft Seal has won the prestigious ‘Star of Excellence Award’ for 2019 at the annual Thordon distributors conference in Montreal, Canada. Mark & Jacob Power were there to receive the award at a gala function.

The award is given for excellence across a range of criteria including achieved sales in your area across a range of markets and innovative use of the various Thordon products.

The Henley Group have developed a number of uses for Thordon bearing material including shaft & rudder bearings in marine applications, PacFlange conveyor bearings for use in food and potable water environments & industrial bearings to replace greased bronze bearings. Henley Group have also been successful in supplying Thordon bearings and seals to the New Zealand Hydro power industry including Main guide bearings, wicket gates, servo rod ends and sluice gates.