Manufactured in Italy, High Pressure (HP) Watermakers are available in both DC and 230V AC versions, ranging from 35lph to 3000lphr.

HP watermakers can be specc’d to include HP’s RP Tronic self-regulating pressure system which ensures topquality fresh water, regardless of seawater temperature or salinity changes.

A handy Part-Net interface, another add-on, lets users control and monitor all aspects of their watermaker from their MFD screen(s), via simple RJ45 ethernet cable.

Optional Automatic Membrane Conservation System (AMCS) ensures the watermaker’s membranes are maintained in peak condition. Working with HP’s automatic flushing system and RP Tronic products, AMSC automatically doses the membranes with sodium metabisulphite during each flushing cycle, preventing harmful bacterial growth.

Even when a vessel has not been used for a while, a single flush will ensure the system is completely bacteriafree and ready to go.

With no need to restrict water usage, owners and guests can enjoy showers, flush toilets, make ice and never have to queue for water at a wharf.