The Honda BF350 is an all-new, five-litre, V8 outboard – the first V8 for Honda Marine.

The flagship BF350 is Honda’s most powerful, technologically advanced outboard to date, offering the benefits of a broader, flatter torque curve, smoother power delivery throughout the engine’s operating range, ergonomically-designed controls, excellent fuel efficiency, and improved reliability, ease-of-use, maintenance, and ownership.

Premium Power
The BF350 five-litre V8 outboard delivers 350hp at the propeller shaft at 5,500rpm.

VTEC (Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control) is an exclusive Honda technology incorporated into the BF350 outboard. VTEC uses a mild cam profile to operate intake valves at low rpm and engages a high-output cam profile for higher-rpm operation. The result is a broader, flatter torque curve and smooth power delivery throughout rev range.

In addition, Honda’s exclusive BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) system dramatically improves the performance and acceleration by advancing ignition timing during ‘hammer down’ acceleration while the Engine Control Module (ECM) simultaneously steps in to increase injector timing, creating a more potent air-fuel mixture. The resulting boost in available torque at low rpm contributes to exceptional hole-shot performance and faster planing.

Performance and efficiency
The BF350 four-stroke, single overhead camshaft engine boasts high speed, strong acceleration and excellent fuel efficiency.


Honda Lean Burn Control technology automatically adjusts the air/fuel mixture for speed and load, while maximising power during acceleration. This combination of features optimises fuel efficiency in cruise mode (2,000 to 4,500rpm).

Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) delivers precise amounts of fuel and air to each cylinder, resulting in quick starts, instant throttle response and low fuel consumption. Ignition timing is computer controlled during start-up and across the entire rev range.

Advanced plateau honing on the engine’s cylinder bores and ion plating on the piston rings reduces internal friction, contributing to better fuel efficiency for longer range, fewer fuel stops and more time spent boating, while low noise levels at cruising speed ensure a more pleasant boating experience.

Honda’s Intelligent Shift & Throttle (iST) command and control system provides superior control and plug-and-play installation for both Honda Marine products and third-party controls and devices. The engine also delivers improved high thrust for superior boat manoeuvrability, easier vessel positioning and stopping.

The BF350 has a charging capacity of 70A, with AMP+ for charging at idle, easily exceeding the demands of typical on-board electronic devices. The new engine is (NMEA) 2000 certified, so there’s no need for proprietary gateway devices.

Stylish, quiet and smooth
The BF350 features a new, ultra-slim, single-line silhouette to create a stylish, muscular appearance suitable for any watercraft.

The new outboard’s fully balanced, 60° offset crankshaft, built to the same material and strength specifications as the Acura NSX high-performance supercar engine, doesn’t need counter balancing. Integrated with a 60o cylinder bank design and non-linear engine mounts, the BF350 provides exceptional performance with minimal vibration.


The BF350 outboard innovations continue with the engine cowling and underneath it, to enhance durability reliability, durability, and accessibility for maintenance. There’s a low drag gearcase for better fuel efficiency and extended maintenance intervals. The new engine also offers better corrosion protection.

Honda Marine New Zealand expect the first BF350 engines to arrive this summer.