Jeff’s grandad taught him to sail in the North Sea. He knows what it means to brave rough weather to help others – he’s been a volunteer Coastguard crew member for 10 years.

Jeff says Coastguard is a close-knit family where volunteers help anyone who is in trouble at sea. “Helping someone is amazing. When you get home after a rescue, cold, wet and exhausted, it helps to think: someone survived today because of me.”

Jeff has two young grandchildren and wants to be sure that Coastguard is there for them when they grow up. That’s why he decided to become a ‘Coastguardian’ – a member of a special group who have chosen to leave a gift to Coastguard in their Will.

“People think that Coastguard is centrally funded. They don’t realise that Coastguard is a charity and that the volunteers do not get paid. We are a volunteer service. The training, maintenance, fuel and vessel replacement costs are very high”.

“I want my legacy to go towards maintaining and improving the already amazing service that the public get.”

You don’t need to be rich to leave a lifesaving legacy.


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