New to New Zealand is a series of Schumacher Rugged Jump Starters. They are available in 2000- and 2500-amp 12V models, which can jump start up to eight-cylinder diesel and 10-cylinder petrol engines

These long-lasting lithium-ion jump packs deliver great starting power and are reliable enough to start a boat up to 45 times on one single charge.

Rugged Jump Starters provide ultimate starting in extreme temperatures and deeply discharged batteries. The breakthrough Pre-Boost and Pre-Heat technology safely adds a charge to deeply discharged batteries and warms batteries in extreme cold, allowing for ideal starting conditions.

The multipurpose rugged jump starters include a 2.4A USB output, 2A USB input and 12V Input ports.

The Schumacher Rugged Jump Starter can charge mobile devices two times faster than a standard USB charger and also includes a superior super-bright LED torch.