Edgartown 3.13 is the latest update to Raymarine’s popular LightHouse operating system for the Axiom range, offering owners more control over their onboard systems, more safety and greater access to technical support.

For those using CZone digital switching, Edgartown allows users to automatically populate their Axiom displays with all their digital switches, without the need for any additional graphics files or tools.

Edgartown now features a full-colour radar overlay. For compatible systems, the doppler functionality can also be overlaid with green and pink to signify outbound and inbound traffic. The new update also includes new radar/chart range sync controls and waypoint location icons. Also new is the Oscar Collison Avoidance App.

Accessed from the LightHouse Apps menu, Oscar is a thermal and visible camera system designed to detect floating hazards and prevent collisions. Raymarine’s AnyDesk remote desktop app allows users, dealers and technical support teams to access an Axiom display from a remote PC or tablet using the internet – great for training, troubleshooting and remote system configuration.

The Edgartown LightHouse 3.13 operating system for Axiom, Axiom Pro and Axiom XL multifunction displays is free to download using the Axiom’s software update feature or from http:// www.raymarine.eu/multifunctiondisplays/lighthouse3/.

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