Designed as drop-in replacements for similar-sized lead acid batteries, Sterling Power’s AMPS (Advanced Mobile Power Systems) LiFePO4 12V lithium batteries come with a builtiin battery management system, safety shut-down and Bluetooth battery monitoring app.

Half the weight of similar-sized lead acid batteries and with a battery capacity that’s 100% usable, they offer twice the run-time and boast a life expectancy 10 to 20 times longer. When performance and life cycle span is considered, an AMPS lithium battery delivers by far the lowest cost per cycle.

Four batteries can be grouped together in series to produce a 48V bank, or unlimited numbers in parallel to increase amp/hour capacity, charge and discharge rates. Other features include a faster charge cycle, fire-retardant plastic case and a five-year warranty.

AMPS lithium batteries come in 60AH, 100AH and 120AH models.