McLay Boats has released a new amphibious model called the 741 Raptor.

Based around McLay’s popular and capable 741 Hardtop, the 741 Raptor features on-land as well as on-water capabilities, thanks to a Tectrax amphibious electric all-wheel-drive system.

The Raptor breaks new ground for amphibious vessels with an allelectric tricycle undercarriage that retracts completely into the boat’s aluminium hull. An innovative bow door slides open to deploy the bow wheel and slides closed again once the wheel is fully retracted into the hull. Rear wheels retract inside the transom.

With the undercarriage retracted, there is no danger of wrapping fishing lines in the rear wheels or of the front wheel interfering with normal drum winch anchoring, problems amphibious craft with exposed wheels can suffer.

McLay Boats believe the 741 Raptor is the first amphibious vessel in New Zealand, perhaps in the world, with fully-retracting wheels and the company has patented its sliding bow door.

An intuitive joystick control and straightforward digital information display makes operating and driving the Tectrax-equipped McLay a breeze and the vessel is extremely quiet to operate on land. Features include electronic brake distribution, traction control and an unparalleled power-to-weight ratio.


Among the many advantages of a fully-retracting terrestrial propulsion system is that the boat looks and performs much like a normal 741 Hardtop on the water. The installation preserves the asdesigned lines of the boat by concealing components below deck and within the hull for optimal centre of gravity and zero impact on useable deck space.

There’s no compromise on aesthetics, performance or ergonomics, and unlike amphibious vessels which require special drive-on road trailers, the McLay 741 Raptor can be launched, retrieved and transported on a conventional boat trailer, adding to its versatility.