B&G designed the WS700 wind sensor for racing and larger cruising yachts. Mounted on a spar that elevates it above sail-plan disturbances, it provides highly accurate wind data.

Accurate wind speed and angle data is strategically important when racing but also for solo offshore sailors who depend on precise wind input for the autopilot to get the best steer-to-wind performance. The WS700 sensor’s new electronics enable accurate measurements of wind angle and speed: error margins under ±0.5° for wind direction and ±0.2 kns for wind speed. The WS700 underwent exhaustive wind tunnel and real life on-water testing. As a result, the shape of the vane has dramatically changed from previous models to make it more stable. The new, one-piece moulded vane provides improvements in balance, aerodynamics and shock load resistance.

The WS700 comes mounted on a carbon spar of between 0.8–1.8 m, to elevate the sensor above sail-plan disturbance. Supplied pre-wired, it is compatible with NMEA 2000® networks via an interface (optional), with H5000 and WTP systems, and has a starting price of NZ$4089.