Mercury Racing now offers a larger 15.25-inch diameter version MAX5 propeller, as well as the all-new MAX5 ST, in its expanded propeller range.

Propeller slip is reduced by up to 12% and the highly efficient MAX5 prop can be run higher on the transom to take full advantage of the race-proven Sport Master gearcase.

Compared to the 15-inch models, the new 15.25-inch-diameter models offer an additional 3-4% reduction in slip on selected outboard and sterndrive applications. They are available in halfinch pitch increments.

The new Mercury Racing MAX5 ST propeller is designed for the 4.6L V8 300R FourStroke outboard with Sport Master gearcase. The shortened exhaust barrel enhances the performance of single- and twinengine boats by keeping the stern planted, while the large 15.25-inchdiameter prop stays hooked up at extreme engine heights.

All MAX5 propellers feature the Mercury-patented Performance Vent System (PVS), which enables the user to fine-tune the amount of venting needed for quick planing.