ORCA TURNS your tablet and phone into a true chartplotter.

Orca is a marine co-pilot that provides navigation assistance, ahead-of-time insights, and trip analysis. The Orca co-pilot runs on the Orca Display, iOS and Android devices from anywhere in the boat.

The system uses the puck-sized Orca Core, a navigation processing device with a built-in GPS receiver, 9-axis gyro, compass and a bi-directional NMEA2000 connection, to integrate with your vessel.

Using Orca is a simple and modern experience. Orca offers responsive, accurate and detailed charts updated automatically over the internet. Boaters can plan trips from home and seamlessly sync across all their devices.

Orca displays depth, engine, and AIS information on the primary navigation display, tablet and mobile phone via NMEA 2000. It informs about weather changes and challenging navigation situations ahead of time.