More boats in the pipeline for New Zealand’s largest boat share company.

Ownaship boat share has been a steadily growing force in the marine industry in the last few years, from humble beginnings on a single trailer boat back in 2007 to a fleet of 16 luxury vessels and counting as of 2019.

The company took a big step last September when it took delivery of a Maritimo M51 luxury launch and a Lucia 40 catamaran – the first vessels in the Ownaship fleet’s 40ft-plus range, and the first catamaran to boot. With these boats launched and running smoothly Ownaship has seen interest surge.

Fountaine-Pajot Lucia 40.
12/09/2016, Cannes (FRA,06), Chantier Fountaine-Pajot, Lucia 40

“It seems like we’ve reached a critical stage in our growth where our enquiry level is just skyrocketing,” says MD Simon Barker, “and this comes on the back of a record number of enquiries at last year’s Auckland on Water Boat Show.

“The walk-on, walk-off service we provide is a massive drawcard for people, as is our management service. It’s just such a great, easy way to own a boat. Our tagline is ‘you do the boating, we’ll take care of the rest’, and that’s exactly what we do.” In fact, last year Ownaship managed a record 3,000 boating days, with shareholders spending record time out on the water.

Due to this growth Ownaship recently acquired new premises in Westhaven, hired more specialised staff and increased the overall capacity of its operations. “It’s a move we’ve had in the pipeline for a while,” says Simon. He’s been planning for this growth since the first Rayglass 3500 order went in back in 2014.

Ownaship’s 2019 arrivals include more of the super-popular Rayglass 3500s, two more Maritimo M51s and a second Lucia 40 catamaran. Like their predecessors these boats will likely be split into six shares, which Simon says seems to be the sweet spot for owners wanting to balance usage and flexibility with cost.


Sharing a boat makes sense, he says. “People are busier, leisure time is more scarce and there are more options than ever for disposable income. For many aspiring boaties, tying up huge amounts of capital in an expensive and time-consuming asset isn’t always feasible. With Ownaship, it isn’t necessary.”

Ownaship’s current shareholders certainly seem to agree. Says Wayne Foster, long-time Ownaship subscriber and current shareholder in a Maritimo M51: “My wife and I have had the pleasure of being owners with Ownaship for a few years now. We started in the Rayglass 2500, then progressed to the Rayglass 4000. A couple of years later the Rayglass 3500 was introduced and we upgraded to a sixth share in that boat.

“After a year Simon told us he was going to arrange delivery of a Maritimo M51, so we jumped at the chance to be involved. Since its delivery in October we’ve had some fantastic trips away to Great Barrier, Kawau Island and around Waiheke.

“It’s been an amazing experience that we’ve loved sharing with our friends and family. The way the time allocations and simple walk-on-walk-off system works, boating is a real pleasure. Ownaship keeps our boat perfectly maintained and immaculately clean at all times, leaving us the time to optimise our boating.

Maritimo M51 galley.

“Owning a boat through Ownaship gives us the opportunity to own shares in a boat we would not want to own outright ourselves and certainly wouldn’t want to spend all the time and expense necessary to keep it in perfect condition.”

Looking further ahead, Ownaship has plans for a Maritimo M59 in early 2020, with talks already underway with prospective shareholders for quarter shares. Also underway are negotiations for a motor cat, as well as a possible expansion to Mt Wellington.

You Do The Boating, They Take Care Of The Rest


Ownaship is New Zealand’s largest boat share management company. It’s all about making boating easy and accessible, regardless of experience, budget, or time limitations. It believes in helping Kiwis get out and enjoy our marine environment. That’s what gets the team up in the morning.

For the last 11 years, it has operated the country’s largest recreational boating fleet, looking after more than 120 shareholders across an ever-growing selection of luxury vessels.

That’s because it makes things easy. When you buy into a vessel with Ownaship, you’re not just buying a boat, you’re buying the whole experience.

Every boat in the fleet is managed to make it seamless and easy to use. You simply ‘walk-on-and-walk-off’. Cleaning and valeting after use, servicing, maintenance, training, provisions – everything is taken care of. And with easy online booking and premium berths at Westhaven Marina and Orams Dry Stack, it’s never been easier to get out on the water.

For more information and current share options visit or call 0800 696 7447.