DIRTY STEVE is a new range of automotive and marine cleaning products designed for utes, 4WDs, SUVs, cars, motor homes/RVs, dirt bikes, jet skis and boats.

The range includes a Foaming Wash, Foaming Degreaser and, for boat owners, a marine Engine Flush Salt Elimination wash, all infused with a range of unique scents.

Banana-scented Dirty Steve Foaming Wash is engineered specifically for use on marine vessels and is great for removing salt. It can be used for corrosion prevention and general maintenance washing of any craft, as well as land vehicles, plus it leaves behind a ceramic (hydrophobic) layer of protection.

Strawberry flavoured Dirty Steve Foaming Degreaser provides a professional heavy-duty ‘oil, grease and grime clean’. It is particularly suitable for use under trailers and campers, and under 4WDs, utes and farm vehicles.

Dirty Steve has designed special applicators that click onto a water hose for both the Foaming Wash and Foaming Degreaser.


Peppermint-scented Dirty Steve Engine Flush and Salt Eliminator is perfect for general maintenance cleaning of boats, jet-skis, trailers – or any surface that may come into contact with corrosive, salty sea air.