RARITAN’S NEW MARINE ELEGANCE TOILETS are stylish, smart and near-silent. The aptly-named range offers a full-size bowl together with a small base footprint.

Combined with Vortex-Vac™ flushing technology, the range’s special bowl design creates a quiet yet powerful vacuum, quickly and effectively cleaning the bowl while generating just 60db.

Marine Elegance toilets are available in three flushing options: seawater, freshwater or the SeaFresh option, which allows you to change between seawater and freshwater flushing. This helps with eliminating odour, keeps intake and discharge hoses fresh and reduces saltwater scale build-up.

Raritan’s Marine Elegance toilets come with programmable Smart Flush Control while available Bluetooth Smart Control offers mounting position flexibility.

The toilets have an integrated shredder and discharge pump able to move waste 2m vertically and 25m horizontally. They come in two heights each with a straight or angled back configuration. Raritan’s hidden mounting system adds to the toilets’ stylish appearance and makes for easy cleaning.