RADIAN IoT has launched their latest reporting device and SaaS platform that turns boats, trailers, campers and powersports assets into data generators that deliver actionable intelligence.

Both operational data (supply chain, inventory management and logistics) and experiential data (how and why things are happening at the consumer level) are delivered daily to drive improvements and accelerate decision-making across entire enterprises.

Radian leverages real-time asset and sensor data to enhance management solutions to those industries engaged in a two-step distribution model. Manufacturers, dealers, marina operators, boat clubs and financial institutions can all customize and prioritize their access to the aggregated data. Each entity can select the most relevant data to their enterprise. By overlaying the time-stamped movement of each unit with hundreds of product-related attributes, Radian’s platform delivers greater insight into what is selling, how quickly and why.

Manufacturers can use Radian to capture actual retail delivery dates, automatically register consumer warranties and monitor the health of the boat.

Dealers can use the platform to identify all their stocking units on a map, grouped by geofence-location including prep facilities, identify locations of in-transit units and schedule consumer maintenance.

Radian allows marina managers to determine exact locations of stored boats and trailers in the yard or in rack storage and allows rental fleets and boat clubs to monitor their vessels.


Financiers and insurers can use Radian to verify asset location and recover missing assets more quickly. Once the vessel or asset is delivered to the consumer, the new owner may choose to subscribe to Radian’s end-user platform. With no device to buy, those who opt-in, only pay an annual platform subscription, making Radian the most affordable consumer monitoring solution available on the market.

Easy to install, because no wiring is required until consumer delivery, the Radian M2 device measures a mere 3.7- by 5.5-inches and is less than an inch thick. Based on proven technology that has already been deployed in over 10 million IoT devices throughout North America, the Radian M2 weighs just half a pound, (IP67) rated, and will report for up to 5 years on its own power under normal planned use. Contained within the tamper-proof housing, is a Qualcomm 4G LTE Cat 1 cellular modem with eSIM that supports international reporting. It recognizes, GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and Beidou constellations. It features Nordic Bluetooth® connectivity, along with an internal date and time clock, accelerometer, ambient temperature and battery voltage sensors. Exterior motion, door, bilge pump and water level sensors are sold separately and can be connected to the input ports.

The Radian web-based user interface is designed with easy-to-search analytics and a dynamic, rule-based alerting engine with user-friendly pre-programmed and custom alerts. With multi-channel notifications, asset managers can receive email, text, web and mobile app notifications. It has fully customizable ecommerce integration, supporting order management, invoicing, subscription management and payment processing systems. Consumers can download the Radian IQ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for android users.


Request a demo by emailing Radian Founder/President Scott Crutchfield at scott.crutchfield@radianiot.com