In the marine environment untreated surfaces and mechanical components are subject to fast-paced corrosion and deterioration due to their constant exposure to salt.

Effective protection requires a formulation that can both expel salt and protect against its long term effects.

Enter SALT AWAY. Simply spray SALT-AWAY onto any salt-affected surface to quickly break down the salt build-up for easy rinsing and lasting protection.

SALT-AWAY can also be used as an engine flush for inboard and outboard marine engines, inboard-outboards and PWC / Jet-Skis, providing important internal protection by removing all traces of salt. SALT AWAY is completely safe on all metals, rubber and plastic components and is recommended by leading marine engine manufacturers as the salt inhibitor of choice.

SALT-AWAY’s 177ml Mixer Tool is the required SALT-AWAY delivery system for outboard, I/O and PWC Jet engine flushes, most inboard flushes and pressure washers.

Available in a handy 473ml surface spray, or in 946ml or 3.79L Concentrate (refill) containers, just one litre of SALT-AWAY concentrate will make 500 litres of salt inhibitor.


SALT-AWAY is available from quality marine dealers and parts stockists across New Zealand.