It was a dramatic start for the new marina with a helicopter lifting cut mangroves off the reclamation area over two days. 
The portion removed constituted only 0.07% of Whangarei Harbour’s mangroves. The results of an extensive environmental study indicated that the marine invertebrates in the area are not diverse, abundant, or rare, nor are there species of specific conservation interest. The new sea wall will provide a new intertidal habitat, with voids ready to be colonised by invertebrates and small fish.

Contractors Total Marine have begun the year-long process of digging the marina basin. The dredgings are disposed of across from the Kissing Point mooring field.

The basin area has been ringed with floating silt fencing. A trench is being dug from the southern end of the channel towards the reclamation site to enable access to the new rock wall perimeter.