The elastic polyurethane Sylomer, produced and developed by Getzner, has been used on ships and yachts for decades. Its outstanding vibration isolation and vibration dampening qualities reduce wear and noise pollution, as well as minimising damage to the infrastructure.
Getzner’s new Sylomer® Marine product range now offers five different material types for various payloads.
The entire range is globally approved as ‘Primary Decks Covering’ in line with SOLAS regulations.
Sylomer® Marine combines effective and certified vibration protection with sustainable fire protection. It is maintenance-free and allows lower floor construction heights without reducing efficiency. The polyurethane material has a very low static-todynamic stiffness ratio for exceptional acoustic and vibration damping.
Lightweight, easy to install and free from plasticisers and environmentally harmful substances, Sylomer Marine’s vibration protection solution is resistant to water, salt water, oils and greases.