Sterling Power offers a range of products to protect key engine system components.

Many serious engine system failures are caused by runaway temperature rises in battery banks, hydraulic systems, bearings, etc. Sterling Power’s Daisy Chain provides a cost-effective IP66-rated overheat warning device, with sensors rated 50, 60, 70 or 80°C.

The Sterling Power Alternator Protect Device is acts as a ‘Load Dump,’ earthing any high voltage spikes to protect a connected 12 or 24-volt alternator and connected regulators.

A loose cable, blown fuse or switching an engine ‘off’ electrically when it is running can result in a massive voltage spike, potentially destroying the alternator’s regulator along with any others in use. Sterling’s Alternator Protection Device for LiFePO4 battery installations prevents the damaging voltage transients that would otherwise blow the alternator diodes or damage equipment on the DC bus.

It can also be used as a general DC system voltage transient suppressor.

The Daisy Chain and Sterling Power’s Alternator Protect Device can be combined with solenoids to create a thermal cut-out that protects both the alternator and battery bank.