To extend the range of a vessel equipped with a Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid electric propulsion system, Torqeedo has collaborated with WhisperPower to develop a 25kW 350V DC variable speed diesel generator.
Torqeedo’s Range Extender is specifically designed as a back-up battery charger for the Torqeedo-BMW battery pack, which supplies energy for vessel propulsion and onboard consumption in recreational and commercial vessels.
The compact, silent Range Extender is based on WhisperPower’s successful Genverter principle, where generator speed is adjusted to meet fluctuating power requirements. Advanced electronics ensure that the generator always operates at the most efficient speed, minimising fuel consumption, noise, vibration and exhaust emissions.

Integrated into the Deep Blue Hybrid system, the Range Extender forms part of an innovative system that offers unrivalled comfort, luxury and independence based on largely zero-emission sailing. Charging the BMW-i lithium batteries is also possible using renewable energy sources such as solar panels and hydro generators, which provide silent power.
During a long trip, or if demand requires more electricity than the batteries can supply, the DC generator, started automatically and managed by the Advanced Hybrid Control System, provides the reassurance of back-up power.