Vesper’s Cortex has redefined VHF by offering high speed, advanced monitoring in a simple, easy-to-use package that’s proving popular in larger trailer boats.

Trailer boats left in a driveway or at the bach during the week are vulnerable to theft and damage, but Cortex’s unique Geofence feature offers full-time monitoring and protection.

Using its remote monitoring and control features, owners can easily check their boat’s systems and alleviate problems. For example, they can check their batteries are fully charged and remotely switch on a charger if charging is required.

The Cortex Monitoring App provides twice daily updates of onboard water and fuel levels, monitors fridges or switches them on ready for when the crew arrives.

Other popular features include Cortex’s in-built smart AIS, its hands-free VHF utility and the useful Anchor Watch function. Cortex accommodates multiple wired and wireless handsets.

Cortex is now available through Lusty & Blundell’s nationwide marine dealer network.