THREE NEW BOW PRO Boosted models, for vessels 22-30m and featuring a double thruster joystick have been added to Vetus’ range of thrusters.

Designed for dual (bow and stern) thruster installations, Vetus’ new double thruster control panel and its multi-axis twist joystick allows owners to move their vessel in any direction and position.

A temporary hold function keeps the vessel against a marina finger, wharf or fuel jetty so passengers can embark or disembark without tying up.

Run times are unlimited in reduced thrust mode, only governed by the battery capacity. At 100% thrust, the thruster will operate for 10 minutes before automatically reducing power. Vetus BOW PRO Boosted thrusters use maintenance-free brushless induction motors that are far quieter when manoeuvring.

Vetus offers 24V models are also suitable for 12V vessels while 48V models for larger boats can also be installed on 24V vessels.

The three newest models for vessels from 22-30m use a 300mm diameter tunnel and provide 285-320kgf of thrust.