SEVERAL POPULAR MODELS have been reintroduced to Yamaha’s WaveRunner 2020 line-up, along with bold and exciting new colour and styling options across the range.

The popular 2019 FX WaveRunner series introduced touchscreen displays, footwell drains and redesigned performance hulls with powerful 1.8-litre marine engines. For 2020 Yamaha will offer all five FX model variants across the luxury performance range.

“This year we have added the FX Limited SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) to the range, with additional pull-up cleats and a head-turning black and electric-blue finish,” said Pete Dick, Marketing & Communications Manager – Marine.

Yamaha’s GP1800R supercharged and VXR naturally-aspirated race performance range has been rebadged. With both craft now sharing an identical race-ready hull and body platform, they will be known as the GP1800R SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) and the GP1800R HO (High Output) respectively.

The 2020 VX range includes the acclaimed 1.8-litre VX Cruiser HO (High Output), while the VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe models also return in 2020, powered by Yamaha’s award-winning TR-1 High Output onelitre marine engines.

The Waverunner EX Deluxe has been reintroduced to the EX Series for 2020. Like the EXR ‘pocket rocket’ and affordable EX models, it is equipped with Yamaha’s industry-leading RiDETM dual throttle control system.


In addition, Yamaha Motor NZ will offer new Yamaha apparel and new and innovative add-on accessory kits across the range.