Mastervolt’s new CombiMaster 3000 inverter-charger is the first of a line of products that features integrated CZone® compatibility.

The result of an engineering collaboration between Mastervolt engineers in Holland and CZone® engineers in New Zealand, CombiMaster 3000 is available in 12V and 24V models, designed and built with a high VA rating. More than 200% peak power starts the most complex loads with ease and the automatic AC transfer system switches between the generator, mains or inverter output to ensure a constant power supply.

The integration with CZone® means vessel owners can take advantage of advanced monitoring of Mastervolt systems.

The Mastervolt CombiMaster 3000 power-assist function prevents the main fuse tripping, when connected to a weak shore power supply, small generator, or an erratic or unreliable power supply. Suitable for all global grid voltages, it also resists large voltage spikes and high temperatures.