Lusty and Blundell’s Zodiac Kiwi Summer Explorer Packs –  a Zodiac Cadet Aero inflatable (230 or 270), Haswing Ultima electric outboard motor and two Spinlock Deckvest Lite lifejackets.

The 230 and 270 are part of the Zodiac’s renowned Cadet range and feature an Aero Inflatable Floor, Zodiac’s patented ‘thermo-bonding’ manufacturing process and Zodiac’s unique welded rubber strakes.

Haswing’s Ultima electric outboard is a powerful brush-less electric motor can deliver up to 110lbs thrust of step-less adjustable speed control in either forward or reverse, equivalent to that from a 3-4hp petrol outboard. At just 15.9kg  it boasts a maximum speed of around 5 knots and can cruise economically at around 3 knots, giving a range of up to 18 NM on a single charge.

Spinlock Deckvest Lite lifejackets are available in a range of fashionable colours, fit comfortably around the shoulders (rather than the neck like other lifejackets) and are lightweight and low profile. They have 170N buoyancy and one size fits all.