YANMAR’s new YD42 Multi-Function Colour Display and YD25 LCD Switch Panel Display suit a range of yachts, catamarans, motorboats and RIBs.

Featuring a low-profile glass helm design and a 4.1-inch full colour screen, the multi-purpose, water-resistant YANMAR YD42 reads and displays YANMAR engine alarm and diagnostic codes. Users can also view additional information, from engine speed and load, oil pressure and coolant temperature, to wind, speed, depth and AIS data. NMEA 2000 compatible, engine data can be easily transmitted to other multi-function displays.

With an ultra-wide 170° viewing angle, superior daytime visibility and lower power consumption compared to traditional backlit displays, the 320 x 240px screen also offers a night-time mode. YANMAR has also introduced the YD25 LCD Switch Panel Display. In addition to engine start/stop functionality, the new compact YD25 shows all YANMAR engine data, alarms and diagnostic codes, also integrating with multifunction displays and glass helm systems.

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