Underwater lights have become an essential requirement for all types of boats. Whether used for fishing, night lighting or just for looks, they need to be strong, reliable, and powerful.

One of the restrictions for many brands is a lack of choice, whether in shape, output power or light colour. Not so with AquaIDEA LED lights. There is a choice of frame finish and a selection of outputs ranging from 6 to 20 watts and, depending on the model chosen, a choice of blue, cool white and even an RGB option with a separate controller.

AquaIDEA have been building underwater lights for 21 years. They do not source products from other manufacturers, they are designers and builders of dedicated underwater lights. Their products are not just for marine use, they also manufacture for swimming pools and aquaria.

AquaIDEA lights are distributed throughout the world and are now available in New Zealand from Tenob Wholesale Marine.