Re-propping my outboards

When it comes to choosing propellers for any boat, a fair amount of trial and error is required to get the performance you want.

DIY Descaling

An overheating secondhand outboard needed descaling and flushing to unclog its cooling passages. Norman undertook the task himself.

DiveCat relaunched

“Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are busy doing it” – George Bernard Shaw

New antifouling

The marine environment generally contains a profusion of life. Nothing can be left immersed in salt water without it quickly becoming…

Flooring decisions and application; Covering the sole

One of the last major interior decorating decisions I have made is choosing the most appropriate floor covering for the main cabin – the…

The freshwater system

Last issue we covered the installation of the toilet and holding tank, also known as the black water system. The final plumbing project is…

The back end

Any boat that is going to be used for extended trips will need a toilet of some sort.

Rewiring your boat

Fully rewiring a boat is an expensive exercise, as I am discovering during my rebuild project. Even a modest amount of new cable can cost a…

Getting into hot water

A few months ago, I wrote about the design and installation of a new galley layout for my boat Divecat. During that process I installed a…

Drumming up an anchor

Every boat, regardless of its size or purpose, should be equipped with a reliable anchoring system. This ensures safety and stability when…

Galley design & construction – Designing a galley: Sink, hob and hot water supply

One of the benefits of being a part-time boat reviewer is that from time to time I get to experience other people’s boats, and I get to see…

Marine Refrigeration: Chill out

Almost every type of boat-use story has some requirement for keeping stuff cool.