Described by UK marine systems consultant and boating writer Nigel Calder as “an alternator on steroids,” the Integrel system is more than just an extra alternator – it’s a full charging, storage and distribution system.

While the system operates on 48V, it also converts current to the boat’s operating voltage. The Integrel system comes complete with a 9kW generator mounting kit, system controller, battery sensor, battery charger, touch-screen interface, 48V 10kWh lead-acid battery bank, 3kW inverter and wiring looms.

Put simply, it replaces a conventional diesel generator by taking excess power from the yacht’s engine (power not used to drive the propeller) and using it in a highly efficient generator which can deliver high charge, even when the engine is in tick-over.

The Integrel system is distributed in New Zealand by So-Pac Marine.