Building on the legacy of its successful, lightweight MFS40/50 four-stroke outboards, Tohatsu’s new MFS60 is the lightest 60hp currently available.

With a displacement of 866cc, the three-cylinder Tohatsu weighs-in at just 98.5kg, which is 15% lighter than Tohatsu’s two-stroke M60 and 7% lighter than the MFS60’s nearest four-stroke competitor. Lighter weight could make the new Tohatsu MFS60 suitable for a wider range of boats.

Tohatsu’s engineers have added an extra intake valve to the cylinder head for each of the three cylinders, modified and anodised the piston crown, increased camshaft valve lift, added roller bearings to the rocker arms, improved the throttle body and reduced intake manifold volume to achieve more power, less weight and greater fuel efficiency. A 21A alternator provides ample electricity for battery charging and electronic accessories support.

The new outboard is available in long and short-shaft versions and in Aquamarine Blue or Beluga White colour schemes.