The SIMRAD® RS100 and RS100-B are the brand’s premium multi-station black box, customisable marine radio systems, the latter integrated with a Class-B AIS transceiver and GPS.

Both modular VHF systems are expandable up to eight handsets (four wired and four wireless) and four external speakers. The wireless handsets duplicate the radio display and controls on screens viewable under all lighting conditions.

All primary functions are accessible from the handset: channel scan and favourites, alphanumeric keypad, clear audio, handset station naming and 60-second audio rewind. And with inductive charging, you are only a push of a button away from staying in touch, anywhere on the boat.

The RS100-B system’s Class-B AIS receiver and transmitter monitors the location of all nearby AIS-enabled vessels in any weather conditions, night and day. AIS information can be viewed on the radio’s screen or via a compatible MFD as an overlay on a chart or radar screen.

The Class D DSC radio supports direct calling to other DSC-equipped radios. A dual-channel watch monitors the current channel and emergency channel 16. A record and replay feature ensures important calls are never missed.

The system includes one external speaker with additional outputs for up to four speakers and one optional loudhailer/foghorn.