TORQEEDO WILL LAUNCH two new saildrive options for 2021: Deep Blue 50 SD and Deep Blue 100 SD, following cooperation with ZF.

The quiet, emission-free, 50 kW and 100 kW fixed sail-drives are fully integrated into Deep Blue’s advanced propulsion and onboard energy management systems. They are designed for sailing speeds up to 30 knots with efficient hydrogeneration. Renewable energy from solar panels, wind or hydrogeneration can easily be integrated into the central system, along with a range extender for seamless backup power.

For 2021, the Cruise 10.0 R outboard and the Cruise 10.0 FP will feature Torqeedo’s TorqLink advanced communications protocol. TorqLink is now available for Cruise 10.0 motors, Power 48-5000 lithium batteries and premium Torqeedo throttles.

With a push-button start, integrated onboard computer with GPScalculated range and runtime data, fully variable forward and reverse, the Travel 603 two horsepower-equivalent, portable electric outboard is easy to use and maintain.

The Travel 603 comes with a lightweight, clip-on 500Wh lithium-ion battery that floats if dropped in the water. It has an optional USB port for charging a mobile phone or camera.

The Travel 603 weighs only 15.5 kg, including the removable battery and tiller. The motor is fully waterproof to IP67 and has a two-year warranty for recreational use.