Using the power of PredictWind’s Weather Routing, PredictWind’s newly updated Departure Planning tool compares four departure dates and associated weather conditions so you can make the best departure decision. A PredictWind weather route performs one billion calculations to remove the guesswork around when and where the next weather system will be encountered.

In examining the four departure dates or times, and the four models, Departure Planning performs 16 billion calculations in the PredictWind cloud. This data is then summarised to ensure selecting your departure date is both easy and stress-free.

The upgrade includes: the ability to compare four models (previously only two) for double the confidence in your decision-making process; to select which forecast models to use in the departure plan (the  top-performing long-range forecast models are recommended as the default selection); and an updated user interface that allows you to summarise each departure date with an average of the four models, or alternatively, drill into the detail by comparing the four models on each departure date.

Departure Planning is available on the PredictWind Forecast Website, PredictWind App or the Offshore App.