Ninety-five percent of the South Korean market uses maXtek hydraulic steering, primarily in commercial applications involving high wear and long hours.

maXtek is built tough to handle extreme operating environments and every unit is individually tested before leaving the South Korean factory.

Each assembler builds one unit at a time, stamping it with his initials, so any issues can be traced.

The maXtek cylinder rod is made from corrosion-resistant, chromeplated, high-grade stainless, so no need for an earth strap.

Japanese hydraulic hose lines are double sheathed for durability and maXtek units are triple-sealed – Absolute Marine has not supplied a single seal kit in five years of distributing maXtek steering. maXtek steering is used by leading New Zealand builders including Southern Boats, Smuggler Boats, Buccaneer Boats, Kiwi Kraft Boats, CSB Huntsman, Fi-Glass Boats, Pinnacle Boats and many commercial operators.