German company ProfiSeal specialises in the design and manufacture of highly reliable propeller shaft and bulkhead seals for the ship and yacht building industry.

Profiseal’s water- or oil-lubricated face-type seals for open or closed sterntube-systems are seawater resistant and also come in an aluminium-version. Installation is easy and the seals give a long service life even in extremely dirty waters. Due to their face-type design, there’s no shaft wear as occurs with radial-type seals.

Allowed axial shaft movement: +/- 5mm; allowed radial shaft movement: +/- 2mm.

Profiseal propeller shaft seals are suitable for shafts with diameters between 100 and 180mm. Operating temperatures for water lubricated seals are -5° to +40° C and -5° to +70° C when oil is used.