RONSTAN’s NEW RANGE OF SOFT ATTACHMENT BLOCKS have the highest ratio of dynamic load to sheave diameter of any block in their keelboat block range.

Featuring fully machined aluminium cheeks and sheaves incorporating a full contact, self-lubricating composite bearing running on a polished duplex stainless steel hub, the new blocks are built to last. They suit a multitude of demanding applications where high static and dynamic loads are encountered.

he Dyneema® SK99 cord shackle, proprietary Nodus Factory splicing techniques and fibre surface coating ensure secure load transfer from the block and maximum durability.

The soft attachment passing through the hub provides a simple means of attachment and a protective buffer between the block and boat surfaces. It is secured with a titanium ‘dog bone’ that allows it to be easily opened when you need to detach the block. Soft elastomer retaining guides ensure that the block remains aligned within the soft shackle.

A spring-loaded ball secures the assembly, with no additional external straps or bands required.