Yamaha Helm Master EX upgrades include a new Joystick Station, new Pattern Steer functions, a dedicated Trim Assist button, improved Setpoint functionality, sideways manoeuvrability and Bennett trim tab integration.

Additional joystick controls can now be added away from the helm of the boat, Williamson Turn and Pattern Search are new Pattern Steer functions built into Yamaha’s autopilot system and there’s a dedicated Trim Assist button, turned on and off on the control box.

When modifying the set position with any Setpoint function using the Helm Master EX joystick, the display will now indicate the total distance requested and the amount of distance remaining, while in multiple outboard applications, sideways manoeuvring has been enhanced.Other new features include Bennett Trim Tab position and settings integration into the CL5 gauge. and

To upgrade Helm Master EX software and/or hardware, contact an authorised Yamaha Marine dealer.